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Welcome to Bay Area Weight Loss & Fitness Solutions. By seeing our physician today you have taken the first step in changing your life for the better. With our help you will become a happier, healthier individual. We are a multi- faceted weight loss facility that combines diet and exercise together, to help you achieve the sense of well being a quality of life you so deserve. Here at Bay Area Weight Loss & Fitness Solutions we treat everyone as an individual and place you on a diet and exercise program that is right for you. All our patients will be completely evaluated concerning their body fat, weight, Body Mass Index, diet, nutrition, and exercise. Both short term and long term goals concerning your weight, diet, and exercise will be established with each patient on their first visit.

Weight loss unfortunately isn’t a quick fix type of problem, but a life changing type of commitment. The United States Department of Health and Human Resources has established health objectives called Healthy People 2010. These are objectives which include educating the public of the ever growing problem of obesity. They stated that currently 18.2 million Americans have diabetes and 1/3 doesn’t even know they have it. Also, 64% of the U.S. adult population is considered overweight or obese. That is not even counting today’s youth. Furthermore, poor eating habits and lack of exercise has contributed to 40% of all deaths each year due to heart disease and stroke, with another ½ million deaths each year to cancer.

There are hundreds if not thousands of books written of weight loss, as well as numerous weight loss plans and clinics. Some work and some not so well. The major factor in most all successful diet programs is putting fewer calories in your body (food) and burning more calories with activity (exercise). Whether it’s low carbohydrate or Low Fat the same principles apply. Some foods allow you to burn calories more effectively than others and this will be alluded to in your exercise and nutritional counseling.

Diet suppressants will decrease your appetite and allow you to help restrict your calories, but diet suppressants should not be considered a replacement for exercise. Diet suppressants are prescribed at Bay Area Weight Loss & Fitness Solutions but are not indicated for all individuals. They will be considered only after a complete history and physical examination. A multivitamin is recommended for our patients to take on a daily basis while on our program. One may be purchases from out office upon patient’s request. In addition, B-Complex vitamins, along with Lipotropics (fat burners) in the form of an injection will be offered as part of our plan to assist in weight loss process.

All cost will be paid by cash, check, or credit card. Health Insurance is not accepted. Cost will be inclusive of all initial lab, urinalysis, diet suppressants medications, vitamin injections, evaluation, and examinations, diet and exercise planning done at Bay Area Weight Loss & Fitness Solutions.


Bay Area Weight Loss & Fitness Solutions

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