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Our Weight Loss Program

Our Program Includes a Diet and Exercise PlanEnrollment and Initial Visit Include:

  • Complete Health History and Physical Examination
  • Lab testing which includes: Complete Metabolic Panel, CBC, Cholesterol Triglycerides and Urinalysis
  • Weight and body fat analysis
  • BMI Index (statistical measure of a person’s scaled weight to their height)
  • EKG and Blood Pressure Assessment
  • Diet and exercise plan
  • Discussion of short and long term goals
  • Administration of B-Complex and Lipotropic injections and prescribed diet medications as needed
  • Injections will consist of Vitamin B-12, Chromium, Methionine, Inositol, and Choline. This formula has been found to help the fat burning process. Vitamin B-6 will also be given some cases.
  • Diet suppressants used will be either Phentermine or Phendimetrazine (given by prescription)

Weekly Visits Include:

  • Urinalysis to asses for ketosis (ketosis is the metabolism or burning of fat cells for energy)
  • Weight and body fat analysis
  • Administration B-Complex and Lipotropic injections
  • Diet medication prescription
  • Diet and exercise counseling with health professionals

Maintenance Visit Include:

  • * After our patients have reached their goals, they will be placed on a Maintenance Program. Patients will be evaluated once every 2- 4 weeks. This will include counseling on diet and exercise as well as in some titrated doses of diet medications and vitamins.



Bay Area Weight Loss & Fitness Solutions

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