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After your physical examination and evaluation you will be place on a modified low carbohydrate, restricted calorie diet. The number of calories you will be allowed each day will depend on your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), which will be calculated on your first visit.

Your BMR equals the amount of energy (calories) you use daily while at rest. This includes body activities such as heart rate, respiration, and maintaining body temperature. This does not include your activity level which will also be factored in. Everyone has a different BMR.

After you BMR is established this will be place into an equation with your activity level to determine how many calories a day it takes for you to consume to maintain your present weight. This gives us a starting point to structure your diet.

Remember one pound of weight loss translates into 3500 calories. To lose 2lbs of weight per week you would consume 7000 calories less for that week.


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